Today, we are announcing our rebrand of to Lithic - the fastest and simplest way to programmatically create virtual and physical payment cards and monitor transactions. With the rebrand, we are doubling down on the development in the card issuing space to help more developers get their business ideas off the ground.

At our core, we are a company that has built its own card issuing processor to combat the issues we faced in the payments space - and this framework has given our customers the ability to generate payment cards for themselves over the last seven years. While we are formally expanding this technology into other business models today, will remain our consumer-facing product, powered by Lithic, and remain dedicated to security and protecting your financial data online.

What does this mean for our users or prospective customers? will operate as usual - so if you are an existing or new user, please continue to login and sign up through Security will continue to be our main focus for the consumer brand, with its own dedicated team of engineers and support members to ensure that your privacy remains locked down and top of mind.

This is just the start of our journey. By opening up our technology to more developers and startups, we are able to scale our product in unprecedented ways.

We appreciate your continued support and being a part of our story. We’re excited for this next chapter.